Create your own Libraries Transform graphics with the templates provided below.

Want to come up with your own ‘Because….’ Statement? Send it through to us and we’ll add it to the site.

How else can my library contribute to the campaign?

The success of Libraries Transform as a whole will build upon the successes of individual libraries. We encourage you to share your experiences with ALIA so that we can share them with other participating libraries. You can:

  • Keep us up to date on your Libraries Transform events, programming and advocacy efforts.
  • Send examples of advertising, posters, videos, social media efforts and more.
  • Share stories of transformation you’re gathering through your community.
  • We’ll include your work in our e-newsletters, showcase it through social media channels and build it into our resources as models and best practices.

Other ideas:

  • Tweet about your most innovative and impactful services using the #librariestransform hashtag.
  • Download and print Because posters and post them around your library and community. Think about putting them in unexpected places.
  • Download and print the postcards and send them to your stakeholders with messages about new, innovative programs and services at your library. Send them to donors with a handwritten “thank you” note, or use them to reconnect with lapsed cardholders, inviting them to re-visit the library.
  • Include Libraries Transform messaging and graphics in your community newsletters, e-newsletter or regular email blasts to stakeholders.
  • Invite your community members to share their stories of how “libraries transform” on your social media platforms – Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.
  • Host an event to build community awareness of a new creative service at your library (such as a maker space, new collaborative work spaces or a new digital collection).
  • Use the Libraries Transform brand on flyers and brochures to promote special programs and services at your library.

BONUS: Encourage your stakeholders to create their own Because statements and share them on social media.

Key messages, themes and resources:



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